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Slim: "I am the Prophet"

Billy: "And they are the loss"

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Homes are built to be lived-in, cared for and visited. Places where family is embraced and strangers welcomed. Slim’s church is your spiritual home. Come share a bathroom for eternity.   

Rev Slim Limits, Pastor and founder of the church, and his trusted servant Billy are Evangelical Entertainers who use song and satire to round up spiritual strays and muster them up to his heavenly corral to be marked with his white hot brand of truth.

Most people, desperate and degenerate folk like yourself, wont make it and will find themselves sliding down the slippery slope of doubt into the furnace of failure.

What does it mean to be a Gods Cowboy? It means having the 3 Cowboy Virtues: Faith, Courage and Wisdom. It means being willing to do what a cowboy does, but for God. Bring God’s ‘herd’ in from the plains. When one of the flock strays, a cowboy brings them back.  (As an introductory offer just 2 cowboy virtues will get you entry but for this month only)

Is God calling you (Slim is an authorised representative) to be one of his cowboys? If you are being called that this is your purpose. If you’ve never been convicted then I urge you to join the Rodeo of life.

There is only one way to secure your future and that future is SLIM.  We ask you to ‘JOIN US’.

Immortality is infinity plus one – That one is SLIM

The Church of the Holy Cowboy is an expanding physical and virtual church that plans to reach each and every one of you. There is nowhere you can go that the WORD can’t find you.

The Vision – Be part of the winning team

Slim is franchising his Church across the earth and gives you the opportunity to join as we takeover under-performing churches across the globe. Contact us with your insights and opportunities that we can partner on.
Business opportunities coming soon include (click links above):  
Slimba© – God is perfect now you can be too
A patented exercise and weight loss program, with moves inspired by biblical events. An authorised substitute for prayer.
Bibleland© – theme park for sickly children (prospectus launching soon so register your interest) – an online shopping portal for all your church merchandise needs

 The faces above have joined, why not you!

Rev Slim preaches about the opportunity that global warming presents for recruitment.

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