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Slim: "I am the Prophet"

Billy: "And they are the loss"

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Gods Cowboys were a comedy trio (1992 – 96) originally created by George Catsi, David Delves and Michael Petroni.  After Michael left in the very early stages to pursue a Hollywood scriptwriting career (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; The Book thief; The Rite), George and David developed the show and with newcomer John Knowles toured and performed for 4 years around Sydney and nationally in Australia.  Centred around the evangelical cowboy characters Slim, Buck And Billy the show was an evolving comedic take on masculinity (generally lack thereof), popular culture and politics wrapped around a satirical look at God and religions – lots of songs, spit and satire.   (archival Gods Cowboy footage coming soon)

“…wicked sense of irony played with diabolical accuracy…riotous comedy…sharp comic conception” SMH.

In 2008 inspired by the growth and influence of fundamentalism thought and influence across the globe, George re-birthed the Rev Slim Limits and work towards developing a deeper more poignant comedic view of power, influence, persuasion and truth. After initial shows at the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringes and larger creative development showing at the The Vanguard in Sydney, George was Australian winner of the 2010 Kit Denton Fellowship for courage and excellence in performance writing.  The fellowship funds allowed time for a deeper, longer work to be written and the concept and production was re-imagined.  This newer work is now moving towards production.

Video and photographs from a public creative development, a one off Sunday Service event, at The Vanguard in Sydney where we were supported by our band The Ryhthm Method (Benny Davis from Axis of Awesome and Peter Lead) and our glorious Herd on High Cowboy Gospel Choir led by the boot scooting white woman of gospel, Linda Calgaro, it was a special night.

The footage, pre-Denton rewrite, gives a taste of the characters and concepts and should be viewed as early work in progress.

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