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Slim: "I am the Prophet"

Billy: "And they are the loss"

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I Want to Be Slim – production notes

I Want to Be Slim is a new full-length multi-platform theatre project by George Catsi infused with music, media and a developing online platform.

Synopsis: A satirical comedy, a hyper-real allegory / morality tale about Slim, an ambitious cowboy who missed the point at a Billy Graham Crusade and accepted Billy into his life not Jesus. As a misguided evangelist he sets about building a church, but to whom.

A two hander, no fourth wall, hands on theatre experience that endows the audience as the congregation then draws them in. An off centre exploration of persuasion, projection, and posturing where just like church, check your rationality at the door and let yourself believe.

Australian winner of the Kit Denton Fellowship for courage and excellence in performance writing. The project infuses a fusion of music (Gospel + country music + Christian), and satire to create a faux evangelical fervour.

A link to a moved reading of the full show ‘I Want to Be Slim’ at Bon Marche Studio. Sydney – Nov 2014

(These images are of a public performance as part of creative development at The Vanguard in Sydney)  For development history see About Gods Cowboys

Creative Associations:

  • Written and performed (Slim) by George Catsi
  • Development performed (Billy) by John Knowles 
  • Roslyn Oades, theatre director and writer, has given dramaturgical support to the project.  Roslyn’s play, I’m Your Man, premiered at Belvoir Theatre, as part of the Sydney Festival and toured nationally in 2013. She was Director in Residence at Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne 2014. Created Hello Goodbye, Happy Birthday that recently completed a national tour in 2017 – her father is a Anglican minister.
  • The Herd on High Cowboy Gospel Choir’, production’s project choir complete with cow-skin patterned gowns that align with Slim’s cowboy, eat meat doctrine, led by Linda Calgaro (musical director of Glory Bound Groove Train Choir and ex-Cafe at the Gates of Salvation).
  • Music is by project band The Rhythm Method.  Vanguard creative development footage performed by Benny Davis (from Axis of Awesome) and Peter Lead. (song example below)

Production: I Want to Be Slim is a two-hander that  can be supported with live musicians plus choir leader working with our project choir (size dependent on budget and availability). At its simplest one musician can support with recorded music.

Full production is approx 100 mins however material can be formatted for shorter presentation performances including concert or cabaret.

Contact:   (scroll down for photos)  See About Gods Cowboys for development history

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