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Slim: "I am the Prophet"

Billy: "And they are the loss"

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Gods Cowboys Themepark for Sickly Children is an audacious plan to create the greatest biblical play ground the world has seen.  Centred around a 360 ft concrete statue of Jesus on the cross the faithful will be able to ascend the escalator to the revolving Crown of Thorns Casino and Restaurant.  Praise the Lord, you will be able to see from here to Eternity.  With biblical themed rides like the Joseph and Mary-Go-Round and the John the Baptist water-slide, the park is built so sickly children will be able to force their parents to take them to. Cuddly themed lepers will greet them at the gates and show them around including our healing tent that will dispense faith based healing*.

However Bibleland is only possible if you make it so.  Please donate so we can create the holiday of lifetime.

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* limited guarentee