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Slim: "I am the Prophet"

Billy: "And they are the loss"

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Slimba® – exercise program

COMING SOONSlimba® Patented excercise program

Slimba® – Is Slim’s patented WEIGHT LOSS exercise program

A new way to get fit whilst you listen to music infused with inspirational messages.

Put the ‘oo’ back into God and become Good looking.

With moves inspired by biblical events Slimba® steps you into a new body.

Loaded with dance steps you’d never see at a Baptist wedding, Slimba® lets the music do the thinking, whilst you do the moving.

Slimba®, an easy way to say to your friends, “I’m spiritual and better looking”, without having to go to Church.

Ladies, they’ll all be saying, “I want what she’s got!”

God gave you abs, butt and thigh muscles in his likeness, so treat your body like his temple and allow God to enter it.

So unless you like your God to have a flabby gut and an exploding girth then do Slimba® every day as an authorised substitute to prayer.

Now’s the time to make sure you look good at the end of time!  Have God see a whole new side of yourself?

Coming soon:

– The Slimba® DVD home work out video

– Slimba® Wear  (everything will be available through

– A trainer-training program allows you to teach with little or no knowledge about fitness (full body photo of you required)

Slimbathon® – 24 hours of non-stop slimming to raise money for selected Slim charities.

GOD LOVE SLIMBA (on t-shirts etc)